RIS2,3 and 4 (Road Investment Strategy)  – Approx. £90billion to be spent by 2035. 16,000 new roads that will destroy and fragment habitats as well as put 50% more traffic on our roads. This is a Highways England project 

National Highways (England) – responsible for planning RIS2. They frame road expansion as a traffic reducing measure when we know more roads creates more capacity for more cars. They are now planning RIS3 2025-2030. 

SRN – The Strategic Road Network – all motorways and A-roads 

Local Authoring Road Building programmes there are also many additional roads being planned as part of local authority spending such as the polluting, climate heating Silvertown Tunnel project. 

EVs – Electric vehicles 

PCP Payments – 82% of new cars are bought using PCP loans. After three years the car is then traded in for a new leased car. It’s an endless cycle putting more and more cars on the road. 

EVCP – EV Charge Point

Embedded Carbon – Carbon used in the production of new cars & roads,  often exceeds the carbon output from a lifetime of usage.

Public Transport – All trains, trams and buses

Renewable Energy – Made from wind, solar and water energy. Hydrogen may make gains soon in mass transit. 

Active Travel – Travelling by walking, cycling, scooting or any other means of propelling oneself using one’s own energy – with some integration with  trains & buses

SUV – Sports Utility Vehicles – marketed for personal safety but cause greater risk to people and planet.