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Opposition groups from around the UK come out in protest at the Government’s new road-building and expansion plans. 29 January 2022.
Roads Rebellion protest outside The Department for Transport and The Treasury against the £27bln road building programme. #NoNewRoads #StopRIS2 #EVsNotEnough #FundActiveTravel #FundPublicTransport. October 2021

Send a letter to your MP asking for RIS2 to be cancelled:

Dear Rt Hon (insert name here)  MP

I would like you to raise one of these questions in Parliament:

Should we be building any new roads in a climate emergency? Are EVs part of the problem or part of the solution? Where is the Government’s funding and vision for Public and Active Travel? 

Transport is the UK’s biggest carbon emitting sector and is growing! Road surface transport is the biggest slice of those emissions. The Government’s transport strategy needs reviewing in light of the Paris Agreement 2015. 

We know historically that new roads induce additional demand. We know from transport experts that these new roads will emit extra carbon into the atmosphere and that greener alternatives need urgent investment. Yet, despite legal challenges the Government continues with this flawed vision because it said it would in its manifesto. New roads are not net zero. 

By next year there will be 40 million vehicles on our roads. The Government’s  vision is that all private vehicles will transition to electric, even though it is enshrined in law that we must reduce carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. The embedded carbon in vehicle and battery production is not being acknowledged. Electric vehicles are part of the solution but they are not THE solution. EVs are not net zero. 

We need to cancel RIS2 and invest instead in Active and Public transport. 

  • Tell the truth about the impacts of new road building and car manufacturing
  • Act Now to halt the new road building programme and invest instead in a green, integrated public and active transport system, in all areas
  • Enact regional Citizen’s Assemblies on transport.


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Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021

HM Treasury is asking for representations on spending priorities for the Autumn 2021 Budget and Spending Review.

Please ask them to cancel the roads programme part of RIS2, and spend the money instead on public transport, walking and cycling, roads maintenance, electrification of the rail network, and putting freight onto rail. Consultation closes 30 September 2021

Link to other Open Consultations on the TAN website.

September 2020. Stop the Road Building Programme

There are hundreds of new roads planned in England including 50 RIS2 schemes built by Highways England and over a hundred major schemes built and partly funded by local councils. Whilst Wales have sensibly paused all new road building, the UK Government proceed in denial of the climate emergency. What you can do: 

Caspar Hughes talks outside BEIS against the RIS2 road building programme, EVs being pushed as being the main transport mode and instead we can redesign towns and cities to be car free.
  1. Join a local community campaign group: 

You can get involved locally as concerned citizens with already established groups, such as the Lower Thames Action Group or the Stop the A38 Derby Junction:

A full list of active groups coming soon

There are three layers to new road building: Highways England trunk roads (RIS2), Local A roads (part funded by Government but LAs expected to part pay), Local Authority roads.

The Campaign for Better Transport has a guide for groups opposing new road building.

Join TAN email list and fortnightly meetings, please contact:

Stop the A38 Derby Junction campaign group website
  1. Form an XR local affinity group to plan your own direct actions against a local scheme.

Read this XR Introduction to Roads Rebellion. Then attend XR Roads Rebellion meetings fortnightly to share ideas amongst groups. JOIN US.

Sign up to digitally opposing all schemes through joining this email group. JOIN US.

Taking local action – High Street Kensington, 2020 – Save the bike lane
  1. Help plan national actions. JOIN US
Protest at the Department for Transport, September 2020
Close the Gates, Regents Park, August 2020

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